Life is too short to wear ugly glasses.

You don’t need a pair of glasses to see that Ace & Tate is taking the world of designer eyewear by storm (and if you do, please go to ace&tate.com now, you’ll thank us later). By cutting out the middleman (#spoileralert for all overpriced opticians), Ace & Tate is able to offer a pair of […]

OMG! It’s a Tidal wave (hold on to your weave Beyoncé).

“We’re going to change the course of history,” Jay Z proclaims on camera right before he and his friends (who just happen to be some of the biggest recording artists in the history of man) raise a champagne toast to the glorious future of Tidal Music. Last week Tidal launched itself under new management with […]

How to kill your brand in one easy step.

Over the last couple of weeks the House of Dolce&Gabbana turned into a complete media circus. Somehow even Elton John and Madonna got involved and are now asking their fans to #BoycottDolceGabbana. For those of you who missed out on recent events…It all started out quite innocent with the launch of the #DGFamily social media […]

I’m bored of cheap & cheerful. I want a massive luxury overdose.

Over the last ten years we’ve seen consumers gravitate towards both extreme ends of the brand price spectrum. This trend, that can be traced back to the economic recession, leads to a situation today where we’ve turned low budget shopping into an artform but at the same time are happy to splurge out on desirable and […]

From supermodel of the world to gay media mogul with a message.

Welcome to the wonderful world of RuPaul Andre Charles (52) a.k.a. self proclaimed supermodel of the world, drag superstar, recording artist, producer and entrepreneur. The best thing about Ru is that you can call him a he or a she. Ru doesn’t mind. “You can call me he. You can call me she. You can […]

My pussy smells like Pepsi Cola.

Dear feminine product marketeers and admen, now that I’ve got your undivided attention I would like a minute of your time to ask you to stop wasting money on those weird commercials for your products. They make me feel uncomfortable and force me to think about what pussy on the rag smells like when I’m in […]