Benelux Office for Intellectual Property




Benelux Office for Intellectual Property




Question: what do a professional networker, a smart product designer and an upcoming fashion designer have in common? Well…they are the winners of the elevator pitch competition we created earlier this year and are now starring in the brand new campaign for the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property.

The three entrepreneurs are placed in a bright and colorful setting in which they show off their product or service in a fun and unexpected way. The golden elements in every picture refer to the url: mijn merk is goud waard.nl.

The campaign creates awareness amongst other entrepreneurs and business owners about the (emotional) value their brand represents.

Social media activation leads visitors to the campaign website where they can take a short test that encourages them to register and protect their brand. In three simple steps the website guides them through the process of brand registration.

Participation can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


My brand is priceless (Mijn merk is goud waard).


A 360º brand campaign that encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to register and protect their brand. This campaign is the follow up of a succesful teaser campaign that generated useful information and consumer insights earlier this year. 


Photography by Marcus Koppen. Styling by Angela Kuperus. Special thanks to Benelux Office for Intellectual Property, Zootz and Eleven for their support and help.